Bridal Satin Bottom Fitted Sheet

Satin Sheets

Available in several pocket depths ranging from 7" to 23"

Premium Bridal satin is the softest, silkiest, most beautiful satin available. It is very tightly woven, luxuriously silky, and durable. It is often used in bridal gowns, hence its name.

Our bridal satin fitted sheets are constructed with an elastic band around the entire edge for a secure fit. Bridal satin is made with a standard width of 60", therefore, sheets must have a center seam.

They are custom made and ship directly from the manufacturer in 1-2 weeks.

We're proud to say, "Made in the U.S.A."

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Black Burgundy Gold Hunter Green Cream Lilac Light Blue
Navy Peach Purple Red Rose Silver White

Size Dimensions Fitted Pocket Depths
Choose from 12 pocket depths
ranging from 7" up to 23"
* 7" up to 15" 18", 21", 23"
Hospital Twin
(Split Queen)
30" X 80"$66.95 $72.95
Hospital XL Twin30" X 84"$66.95 $72.95
Hospital36" X 75"$64.95 $70.95
XL Hospital36" X 80"$66.95 $72.95
XXL Hospital
(Split California King)
36" X 84"$66.95 $72.95
Twin39" X 75"$69.95 $75.95
XL Twin39" X 80"$69.95 $75.95
XXL Twin39" X 84"$72.95 $78.95
3/4 Full48" X 75"$74.95 $80.95
Super Single48" X 84"$75.95 $81.95
Full54" X 75"$77.95 $83.95
XL Full54" X 80"$79.95 $85.95
XXL Full54" X 84"$79.95 $85.95
Queen60" X 80"$79.95 $85.95
Olympic Queen66" X 80"$81.95 $87.95
XL Queen
(California Queen)
60" X 84"$80.95$86.95
Hotel King72" X 80"$81.95 $87.95
California King72" X 84"$83.95 $89.95
King76" X 80"$83.95 $89.95
Eastern King78" X 80"$83.95 $89.95
Grand King
(Super King)
80" X 98"$99.95 $105.95

Please note: Our Fitted Sheets are available in several pocket depths. Please order according to your desired pocket depth** (corner seam measurement on the fitted sheet) and not your mattress depth. For example: If you have a 10" mattress and order an 11" fitted pocket, you will have 1" extra for tucking, and a 12" fitted pocket will allow 2" extra for tucking, etc.

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