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Wool Pillows ~ Health Benefits You Need to Know

What makes a wool pillow special?

When you woke up this morning, did you feel your pillow? Was it damp? Throughout the night we perspire and breathe into our pillows. Most fibers simply absorb the moisture, leaving your bedding and pillows wet and uncomfortable by morning.

Wool pillows are different though. Wool can hold as much as 30% of its weight in moisture. Cotton can hold only 8%; most synthetics, less than 5%. The rest of the moisture sits on the surface and makes the fabric feel wet to the touch.

Wool actually pulls moisture into its core and then releases it back into the environment. This constant movement of water vapour creates a mini-ventilation system. Can you think of a better way to keep dampness and bacteria away from your skin?

WhatТs in a wool pillow?

Did you know that most pillows double their weight within 18 months? Dust mites and other allergens need dampness and darkness to thrive. In synthetic pillows, generations of those critters turn your pillow into something weТd rather not talk about.

Because wool removes the moisture and is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, your pillows stay the same weight year after year. So, unlike synthetic pillows, you can rest assured the only thing in your wool pillow is simply wool.

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